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MR-9 vs LR44 <=> 1.35V mercury vs 1.5V alkaline
Simple way to use LR44 as replacement--it works!
You just need some kitchen foil and some plastic to wrap around the smaller LR44.
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Canon G-III QL17

G-III QL17 the Best Seller


昨天剛收到遠從澳洲寄來的Canonet G-III QL17,看見背蓋寫的產地是日本,感到有點意外。因為印象中G-III 很早就移到台灣廠來生產... 根據Canon原廠的說法,G-III從1972年發賣,到1982年停產,長達11個年頭,名列史上最暢銷的相機之一...
(to be continued)

收到的相機閃閃發亮,打開背蓋,連原封的透明塑膠片都還在,也許真的沒有實拍過吧! 雖然包裝盒滿佈塵埃,裡頭的配件和說明,依然整齊擺在塑膠袋裡。 附了兩個古代的水銀電池,讓人期待了一下,可惜測試證明已經沒電了。沒關係,就試試國外同好說的辦法吧: 把手邊的LR44*電池拿來,用塑膠片和鋁箔稍稍加工一下,果然喚醒了睡美人...

Silvermoon, 2004/05

*: 用1.5V的LR44電池,理論上測光可能會有些差異。然而以負片試拍的結果,完全看不出有問題。對我來說,這就夠了。
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i Technical Info:
35mm rangefinder compact camera
Lens: Canon lens 40mm f/1.7
6 elements 4 groups
48mm filter thread
Shutter Speed: 1/4sec-1/500 sec, bulb
Focusing Type: split image focusing
Minimum focusing: 0.80m
Exposure control: shutter priority AE, manual over-ride
Viewfinder with automatic parallax correction frameline
Battery check lamp
Built-in self-timer
manual ISO setting ASA 25-800
Powered by 1 H-D (MR-9) battery
Size: 120x 75x 60mm
Weight: 600g

  • Solid and heavy-- excellent build quality
  • Relatively compact body
  • Shutter prority AE and Manual over-ride
  • Moving frameline in 0.6x viewfinder
  • Convenient Quick Loading system
  • Front cap also serves as power switch
  • 40mm f/1.7 Canon lens